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Tune Ups

Broken Spoke Bicycle Tune Up Rates:
  •  Basic Tune Up $39.95 - The Basic Tune Up includes brake adjustment and Pad Inspection, Derailleur Adjustment, Headset Adjustment, Chain Check and Lube, Tire Inspection and air pressure check and a go through of all hardware with torque spec and a bike wipe down.  
  •  Plus Tune Up $79.95 - Includes everything with Basic Plus: Bottom Bracket Adjustment, Hub Inspection and adjustment, True Wheels and Check Spoke Tension. 
  •  Pro Tune Up $99.95 - Includes everything with the Basic and Plus tunes ups and includes: Full Drive Train Cleaning and re-lube, and a full bike wash and re-lubed. 
  •  Elite Tune Up $149.95 - Includes everything from the Basic, Plus and Pro tune ups and includes: Bottom Bracket Overhaul, Headset Overhaul, Hub Overhaul, brake pad replacement if needed, chain and cassette replacement if needed, Tire replacement if needed, Handlebar tape and grips replacement if needed, or any other parts replacement that might be needed. (price does not include replacement parts). 
  • Bleeding Brakes $25/Brake
  •  We also charge a $5 fee for small minor fixes that we can do right away. These include - changing tubes, straighten rear derailleur hanger, replacing tire, re-taping or replacing grips on your bars, or any other small 5-15 minute job. 

Trade Ins

Whether you're ready to move on to your next bike or need cash for the bike you currently have. Bring in your bike and we’ll give you a credit towards a brand new or slightly used bike. We also do cash valve for some bikes as well if you're not looking for a different bike. 

Used Bikes

Check out our Ebay page for all our Used Bikes, Parts or any other stuff we might have laying around. Otherwise stop into our location for a larger section.