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Race Info

We love Fat Bikes so much we decided to start our own race series. With a few years in the works we are proud to announce that 2017 Brings The Fat-Bike Race Series you have been waiting for. Snow Crown! Please LIKE the Snow Crown page to get Updates and Info.

Our race line-up this year includes: 

1. Shell Track in Manitowoc, WI on January 21, 2017

2. Koldwave in Sturgeon Bay, WI on February 4, 2017

3. Fat Camp in Green Bay, WI on April 29, 2017

Sign up for the full series and save $10! Use the promo code: snowcrown17 when adding all three races to your cart at once! Over expires on January 8th 2016. Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date. 

Second Annual Snow Crown Wisconsin Fat-Bike Race Series. Snow Crown will start off with three well-organized races. All races will have Chip Timing. Cash Prizes for Advanced Riders 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Competitors. Each race will have different style course and different types of races. See each race in our description for more information. 

This year we are changing up the races . We will be having three race categories, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In some races the course layout will vary based on skill level, in all races the length of race will vary based on skill level. 

Course length will be roughly 21 miles for advanced, 14 miles for Intermediate and 7 miles for Beginner.

 Team Relay race options have been added to all races. Shelltrack allows riders to race individually and on team relay, Fat Camp and Koldwave riders must choose between the solo or relay races. Fat Camp and Koldwave will have a mass start race style; however, scoring will be based on the category riders signed up for. Fat Camp and Koldwave relay teams can consist of 2-3 people. ShellTrack relay allows riders to have 2-4 members.

Rules : 

1. Don't take things so serious, you're on a fat bike have some fun! 

2. Bike must have at least a 3.8" tire on both front and rear.