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Broken Spoke Racing


From weekend warriors to elite National Champions, Broken Spoke has built one of the largest and strongest teams in the midwest. During the 2017 season Broken Spoke took the WORS series title for


Pete Karinen

Originally from Michigan, Pete has been racing since he was 5 years old. After a successful junior career that included 3 National Championship medals, he earned his professional license at 18 years old. More recently he has been Single Speed National Champion, 3 time WORS series runner up and was selected as part of the National team to compete at the 2017 World Cup finals.

Find Pete HERE on Instagram to follow his racing and training.


Leia Rollins


Leia got into the sport and little later than some but she didn't let that slow her down! She has been gaining race experience each season and has dominated the womens elite class in the WORS series for the last 3 seasons now.

Follow Leia here to keep up to date on her races and results.